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    fmjdbc.jar on Linux ?


      We have a 3rd party Application on Linux, that would like to query our FileMaker 10 Server


      will fmjdbc.jar install / run on Linux ? The User Guide only mentions Mac and Windows



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          I've done CWP and ODBC on Linux, but never JDBC. Is ODBC not an option?


          Theoretically, I believe you could try it, (.jar files should be executable in linux), but without it being notated in the documentation, chances are if it does work it's coincedence and not because it's supported.

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            Works just fine, I just tried some of this now.


            drivername 'com.filemaker.jdbc.Driver',

            url 'jdbc:filemaker://',

            jarfile 'fmjdbc.jar'


            Username and password are pr query.