Import table to table in one file

Discussion created by disabled_jackrodgers on Sep 27, 2013

Sometimes moving a file about can cause Filemaker to act erratically after you find a set of records in table A and want to import those into table B. I've experienced in an inherited file Filemaker importing ALL of the records in table A into table B instead of 12 in the found set.


Filemaker posted a faq relating to this issue in Filemaker 7 stating that if the file were moved, say from host A to host B, the IP address or domain name might become confused. It seems this was happening with my interited fmp12 file which began life as a filemaker 9 file.


So, I came up with an answer that should avoid this issue that is available with 12 but not with 7.


set variable $$_filepath to get(filepath) <--isolating the current location of the file

import <-- replace the manually entered file name with $$_filepath


Screen Shot 2013-09-27 at 8.42.59 AM.png

Above I used $_filepath and later decided $$_filepath would be simpler since dozens of scripts are involved.