Pop-up menu button with a value list from table shows ID not full name?

Discussion created by jp10 on Sep 28, 2013
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I have a button (pop-up menu as the control style) and the Inspector "Display data from" is set as the Employee::FullName. The "Values from:" is set with a value list that is pointing to the same Employee table, but the "Use values from first field" is the EmployeeID and the "Also display values from second field" is the Employee::FullName. I have the "Show values only from second field" checked.


The pop-up menu button shows all the employee names fine. When I select a name I have another button (this is a drop-down list one) that displays the Employee::FullName which when I come onto the layout it displays fine. It matches the pop-up menu button employee full name. But, when I select another employee name from the pop-up menu button the drop-down list button shows the EmployeeID?


I checked for all button settups if there was a script associated with the buttons there are none. No script triggers associated with the layout setup either.


What am I doing wrong?


Appreciate the help.