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How can I have Today function in FMP12

Question asked by mansurmahmud on Sep 28, 2013
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I have created a field in my CRM eWorks(Contact Manager) [Creation Date] and another field [Modification Date]. Both are auto-enter date. The purpose of these fields are when I create a Contact, it auto enters creation date in [Creation Date] and later when this Contact is modified (or an activity happened to this Contact) then it auto-enters modification date in [Modifiication Date].


Now I wish to create a Calculation field [Idle for], the purpose of this field is to calculate for how many days this particular contact is idle, meaning no activity is taken on this Contact.


I am a developer on FMP since version 5.5. In 5.5 there was a function called [Today] which used to be auto-enter and auto-update Today's date. Their I created a Calculation field [Idle for] which used to calculate [[Today] minus [Modification Date] = [Idle for]]. Which used to achieve my objective.


A Contact idle for many days is an important factor in CRM, Sales people and Managers need to know why such Contacts are idle, specially for a long period.


I am somehow unable to achieve this in FMP12. I am sure this is available and it may be sheer ignorance from my side yet I will highly appreciate if somebody help me on this.