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Intermittent printing

Question asked by phanh on Sep 29, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 9, 2013 by phanh

We have a volunteer database that at the end of the registration process, the script will print out 2 pages. During the testing phase, the script worked 100% printing to HP Laserjet 3700. In the production environment, the database prints to Ricoh MPC 6001 and MP 4502 printers but the result is very intermittend. Sometimes, the pages never get printed.


Server: Filemaker Server 10

Clients: Filemaker Pro 10 and 11

Printers: Ricoh MPC 6001 and MP 4502

Printer driver: Post script driver


Anyone run into this issue with the Ricoh printers?


Also, printing from Filemaker doesn't work 100% if there is a printing code. One school has printing code implements for their Ricoh 6001. We have the profile set with the printing code. The profile works for other print jobs but not from Filemaker. To work around the issue, we set so Filemaker to display the print dialog box. From there, we can print from Preview (Mac computers). Anyone found a solution to the printing code issue?


Thank you in advance for any advice,