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    Intermittent printing


      We have a volunteer database that at the end of the registration process, the script will print out 2 pages. During the testing phase, the script worked 100% printing to HP Laserjet 3700. In the production environment, the database prints to Ricoh MPC 6001 and MP 4502 printers but the result is very intermittend. Sometimes, the pages never get printed.


      Server: Filemaker Server 10

      Clients: Filemaker Pro 10 and 11

      Printers: Ricoh MPC 6001 and MP 4502

      Printer driver: Post script driver


      Anyone run into this issue with the Ricoh printers?


      Also, printing from Filemaker doesn't work 100% if there is a printing code. One school has printing code implements for their Ricoh 6001. We have the profile set with the printing code. The profile works for other print jobs but not from Filemaker. To work around the issue, we set so Filemaker to display the print dialog box. From there, we can print from Preview (Mac computers). Anyone found a solution to the printing code issue?


      Thank you in advance for any advice,

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          Add a split in your print script:


          If ( PatternCount ( Get ( PrinterName ) ; "6001"  )

               PrintSetup (Restore; No Dialog)

          Else if ( PatternCount ( Get ( PrinterName ) ; "4502"  )

               PrintSetup (Restore; No Dialog)

          End If



          In the PrintSetup step, make sure you choose the correct driver

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            Thank you, psijmons


            We test the script under different priviledges and discover that the script doesn't print under the "Guest" account only. With other priviledges, the print job get sent to the printers.


            We definitely ensure that the "Guest" account has the printing option enable.


            Thank you for any advice,


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              If you don't wish to allow guest users to be able to print anything they choose, you can also leave the printing option disabled, but set specific scripts, such as the one to print a report, to run with full access privileges (you check that in script manager). That way they will only be able to print what you choose to allow.

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                We want the volunteers to be able to print so we set the option. Interestingly, even with the option enable, it still not working but allow full access priviledge for the script does the trick.