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Discussion created by PeterWindle on Sep 27, 2013
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Hello all... I have two tasks to acheive, which I have been looking into already and so far, I'm getting dissapointed in the results.


Task 1. I want to get Outlook email attachments (currently using 2007) directly into a filemaker container.


Drag and drop does not work from Outlook into a container, this is a pain. So, I looked into the Productive Computing plug to grab the emails from Outlook and this turned out to be too slow, as the user requires all mail messages to be displayed (from multiple mailboxes) in order to find the email that contains the attachment they are looking for - so this is virtually un-usable.


Task 2. I want to be able to combine multiple pdf files into one single pdf. Some pdf's are created from FileMaker, some are not.


Again, I took a look at the Productive Computing plugin, the first time I tried it on my Parallels Desktop Windows XP, it worked fine, then when I tried it at the client's site, I could not even get the demo version to register and there seemed to be a bug with the newest version 2 they had available for download, which seemed to have a problem when trying to specify the directory of a pdf file to ammend to an existing file, when I clicked the button, a directory path appeared within the field which seemed to be relevant to a Mac computer that did not exist anywhere (except for maybe at Productive Computing), so this did not exactly fill me with confidence.


So, question 1:

Does anyone know if it's possible to get an Outlook attachment to go directly into a container field in FileMaker Pro?


and Question 2:

Does anyone know alternative solutions to Productive Computing's pdf manipulator?