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    Saving Separate Files



      I have a subsummary report, and for each subsummary I have a page break.

      Now, if I want to print, export, or make a PDF is there an easy way to make each subsummary section automatically save to different files.

      The idea of that is to use them to send an email of just those particular sections, not everything.


      Thank you!


      I suppose I could use a GoToRelatedRecord to the table (that I am doing the subsummary sort on) and then loop through each record I need. Then i would need to create a different layout for that, but I'm not sure that would affect my otther data.

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          Presumably, your subsummary has a break field - a field on which it sorts? Hence, if you perform a Find and locate only those records that match that break field in the report, you can print separate reports for each value. This should be relatively simple to script if you know what values you have (which you can get using the List function).





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            I think you need a list of the distinct IDs or values of your break field, for which purpose there should be one or more CFs.


            If you get your summary records by a Find, loop through the list of values, re-performing the Find for each iteration and constraining by the respective list value; then print the summary, using the value/ID to create a unique and meaningful filename. If you get your summary list by a GTRR, the method would basically be the same, but repeating the GTRR for each iteration instead of the Find.

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              Ah, yes, the List function, thanks for reminding me.

              Just started using it and seeing how it can be used.


              Anyways, I think I like this method, so I'll try it.

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                CF? I'm sorry not sure what that means.


                Anyways, I like the idea of using the ID for naming files and such.

                Thanks for helping me walk through it in my head.  Sometimes it's harder than it should be.

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                  CF = Custom Function