I need to Cancel a Find from a script...

Discussion created by artdoc on Sep 27, 2013
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I'm stymied by this. I have a love/hate thing with FMGo and the iPad's design making any pop-up list show up in a tiny new window. This is not acceptable for my file!


I have created a very nice solution that works great (long story) but here comes my problem:


I use a JobRecords file to create an estimate. That inclides a worksheet to list materials and build my job quote. When adding parts for a job, a button opens a second file called Products! There are some 2500+ parts listed, and it's tedious to scroll that long list, so I incorporated a Find command.


I have my parts visible as a LIST view (fields only open to FIND, not browse), so finding a part works great, BUT...!


If I scroll the entire list and find my item, each item has a button next to it that copies that item and then opens my Jobs file to allow pasting into a growing materials list. Then that Jobs layout has a button that returns to my Products file. So far so good.


BUT when it is required to actually use a Find script, it starts out great: start entering the name of the thing I want and a list starts building as find results. Good to this point.


When I see what I want in that result list, can I click the script button to copy that found item and go to Jobs? Nope! O course in the find results, the list is not showing the button!


I always have to manually Cancel the Find! I have tried using Halt Script, Exit Script...No luck.


The next trick is that having an Exit Script (with no way I see to ID what script I want to halt or exit!) is that my whole "copy go paste" script is stopped. And if I manually kill the find, my temporary found list disappears and I am back to looking at my list of 2500 parts!


This is the ONE thing that is blocking my grand solution to get past the way the iPad treats finding and selecting.


How can I script in a step to stop a script (Find) and then continue with the rest of a script? Maybe I need a specific script to Cancel" and then include that as a step in my copy/paste script?


I hope this makes some sense.