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Discussion created by kojmichael on Oct 1, 2013
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I am trying to generate a report of items sold in [invoices] trying to count the items in the [items] field.


Let's say I sold 14 cats and 12 dogs in 1 day on multi invoices and some on the same invoice.


I need my layout report to look like this one: Or like the report at the bottom if at all possible.

Date Item

9/30/13 Dogs

Total 12


Date Item

9/30/13 Cats

Total 14


My problem is that when i try to do the report on the items field I am only getting the 1st item listed in the 1st row

So if line item 1 is Dog and Line item 2 is Cat my report is only picking up Dog.

So if line item 1 is Cat and Line item 2 is Dog my report is only picking up Cat on this invoice.


Also since ITEM is in the Invoices.Data file my count seems to always be 1.

If I change it to QTY i get a 2 but both totals are incorrect.


In my previous software I could do it like this:


List Invoices ITEM DATE with invdate ="09/30/13" By ITEM COUNT(ITEM)

I will get the following:

Cats 9/30/13 14

Dogs 9/30/13 12


Can something simular be done in FM?

Thank you for taking the time to look.