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Best Practice Question: How do you plan requirements, use case etc.

Question asked by vavo on Sep 30, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 6, 2014 by vavo

Hi all,


I have developed a few FMP solutions over the last couple of years and am now diving into working with Filemaker a bit more seriously - cause the more I know the more fun it is. I am finding tons of technical tips and tricks and have improved greatly by reading in this forum, watching videos and listening to FM podcasts.


What I have not come across is examples of the work before you start up Filemaker, i. e. mapping the requirements, use case secenarios and all that. I have my own way right now using omni graffle, which is ok, but I am wondering how other people approach this.

What questions are you asking the client? What tools are you using to plan? Do you simply make lists or use graphic tools? To what degree do you plan ahead and what do you tackle when you get there in the programming process etc.?


Maybe there are examples on the web I have missed, maybe you are willing to share some of your work here - anything helps!