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    I can't turn off "View Sample Data"


      For some reason I can't find the simplest thing and I've been looking for a few days.

      I'm using FM Developer 12.

      Databases are opening up with "View sample data" turned on and I can't find the setting to turn that off! Could someone please point me to the right place to change this?

      Has this changed since FM11? I used to be able to find it. Otherwise is it because the DB I'm working on is on the server and the setting was set before it was uploaded?




      Also for extra brownie points could you please tell me why the layout tools don't let me "Define Custom Colours", it's always greyed out.

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          I don't have 11 open, but I recall it is in the same place as in 12. While in layout mode,  View > Show > Sample Data. You are correct in your guess about it being FM server related. Pretty much all the items under the "Show" menu will retain the last state prior to be hosted. The solution is to make sure things are set up how you like before hosting. This also applies to things like the first layout that gets opened, the position of the initial window, the size of the initial window, contents of global fields, and so forth. This behavior has been around forever.


          Not sure on Custom Colors. You must be on Windows? I am on a Mac and at the bottom of the popup color picker widget, there is the option of "Other color...". If I select that, I can create and store any number of custom colors. Hopefully, someone running Windows can comment on this.





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            Great thanks, yes I'm on windows.