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Best Practice: Main-Account & Sub-Accounts

Question asked by ecoast30 on Oct 1, 2013
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Not sure the best way to skin this cat: Here is my set-up: I have a table of entities: (clients, trusts,, decedents), which will have there own unique value. Ultimately i want to be able to create a hierarchy within the table so that trusts and decendents can show up as portal when looking at the clients record, but keeping all entities as a seperate record in the same table.




A1 Client 1

A2 Client 2

A3 Trust 1

A4 Client Decendent 1


When looking at record A1 i want the portal sub-accounts to show record A3 Trust 1 and A4 Client Decendent 1.


I think the solution is a self-join table, but havent been able to get there. In each record i will have a "master" field which will allow you to select the master. But in the master record what would i pick in that drop down?


Let me know what else i need to flesh out to help solve this one.