Using variables between two files!

Discussion created by artdoc on Oct 1, 2013
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I don't seem to find a way to do this!


I have two files: Products and JobRecords, and everything has been coming together nicely, until I added a last feature.


I have been doing just fine with a script that handles a copy/paste method to get info from Products and then paste it into Job Records. No problems, and I even added a phantom field to the tab into and copy to make sure my clipboard was empty, avoiding an accidental double item by repeating a paste commend.


But I want to add a way to track some (maybe 25) of the 2500 items. I can't do that in the Product catalog, but using the line items in my Job File lets me use a summary field to count the sold items and alert me when a set limit is hit. So far so good.


But now, wanting to get "Track?' info from my Products list, I can't use copy/paste for that second bit of info. And so far all my tests with a variable $track (using $track=products::track?, a simple yes/no field) are failing. I thought maybe I needed to change my drop menu Yes/No field to a basic edit box. Did that, no change. Every time I try using the $track variable in Job Records, it adds the text "$track" but not the word "Yes" or "No" which I expect.


Insert text does just that; it inserts $track! Set requires a number. Calculated set to text results? Nope!


What am I missing?


Thanks for any help,