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    Pickers windows


      Hi There.


      I would like to know, how many Pickers windows I could have at the same time. I have a Default Window displayed after the login, using Onlayout Enter, and then I have a Summary layout, using one Record, then I need a second Layout as a summary as well, using a different record, but, when I do New Window, the second Layout supersides the first one, So, How can I handle that second Picker Layout, not loosing the first one ?



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          Hello, Gustavo, What Platform are you using? what OS version? What version on FMP?

          Are you scripting the window(s) in some way (size, location, etc.)?



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            Yes, it is in MAC OS X  10.6.8

            FMP Pro 12 Advanced.


            Yes,  I am scripting the first Window :


            New Window [Name "xxx" ; height : 300; Width 150 ; Top 0;  Left 150 ;

            Style: Dialog]

            Go to Layout [ "xxx"]

            Show All Records

            Set Field[ xxx]

            Perform Find []

            Sort Records by Field

            Allow Formatting Bar (Off]

            Show/Hide Toolbars

            Set Zoom Level

            Adjust Window


            Then I tried to open a second window using the same parameters, of course

            different window and Layout name:


            New Window [Name "yyy" ; Height : 300; Width 150 ; Top 0;  Left 250 ;

            Style: Dialog]

            Go to Layout

            Allow Formatting Bar

            Show/Hide Toolbars

            Set Error Capture

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              If I'm not mistaken, it looks like you're opening up modal style windows. The second modal has the focus until you dismiss it either by closing it or scripting away from it

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                Yes Steve.


                I tried changed both Layout to the Style : Floating Document, and  Adjusting size and location to get the second one at the right position.

                Now I have both Layouts side by side, that's what I wanted.