how to get pop-up menu button to populate portal?

Discussion created by jp10 on Oct 1, 2013
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I have a pop-up menu upper left corner of attached image. That button is configured like this. The "Display data from" is set as a global field and the "Values from" is set with a value list from a Employee table. The "Use values from first field" is the EmployeeID the "Also display values from second field" is the FullName from Employee table. The button displays the employees just fine. Now I want to display the selection of the employee name to the portal. I have relationship set up from Employee table to WorkOrder table based on the employeeid. The portal section will display fields from the work order table. When we first load the layout the portal displays rows from a random employee, but it is not synced with the pop-up menu button. What button set up cofinguration do I need or scripts do I need to create to make this happen? Appreciate the help.