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    Unable to Scroll


      Hi FileMak'ers,


      I am unable to scroll up / down on a text field on the iPhone without having to enter into the field that bring out the "annoying" keyboard and immediately minimise the keyboard. Only if I do that, then I can freely scroll up and down. The field is set as an edit box with vertical scroll bar on the layout. I tried enable and disable the "Brosw mode" but it does not help. In fact, you need to enable brosw mode, otherwise, you can't even scroll to see the entire text.


      I also tried insert it as merge field but run out of ideas. I can't seem to see the scroll bar. I also tried inserting as text block directly on the layout but it accomodate all the text for the limited space available on the device.


      Is it possible to let user scroll and "disable" the keyboard popping up (after without showing the scroll bar)?


      Thanks for sharing.

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          James, you don't see the scrollbar on iOS. You should be able to swipe up or down in the field and it should scroll. Obviously if you click in the field it wants to go to edit mode and the keyboard appears. I'm not sure what else to suggest...


          - Lyndsay

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            Hi Lyndsay


            Thanks for taking time to reply. The issue is that I can't swipt up and down. The only way is to tap to enter the edit mode in order to swipe up / down. Two issues with this are : a) the keyboard popup which takes up screen space b) this field is non-editable (based on the privilege setting for this assigned profile), hence user can potentially get warning mesage if they accidentally touch the keyboard.


            Well, I am hoping to give better User-Xeperience to my users. I, myself find it extremely inconvenient to read (e.g. Help or FAQ / Terms and Conditions etc) so I am sure my user will.

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              Hi James, you can use a webviewer to achieve what you want

              "data:text/html," & GetAsCSS ( the field )

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                Hi Michael,


                Thanks for taking time to reply. Your suggestion works exactly as I expected it. Except that the user need to tab to "in-focus" the field before it can be scrolled. But that is insignificant as I believe most frequent iOS users should figure it out very quickly.


                The solution come at the right time as I am showing the user tomorrow. Thanks Lyndsay for starting the response and Michael for the solution.


                I must document this before I forget........

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                  Glad I could help

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                    But you shouldn't have to!!!

                    (not to devalue your work-around Michael ;-)


                    I will go test again...


                    - Lyndsay