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    Training in Bay Area?


      Hey there!


      Thanks in advance!


      Does anyone have experience with Soliant FMP Training at all? (Especially interested in hearing if you're familiar with their Bay Area/San Mateo office).


      I'm getting ready to sign up for the advanced stuff and was thinking about mixing it up a little and trying Soliant for their "Filemaker 12 Core Essentials" classes which cover the same stuff in the FTS as the the Support Group "Advanced" courses and are similarly priced.


      I've done training with The Support Group's San Mateo office for beginning, intermediate, scripting and Filemaker Go courses which I really enjoyed. The instructor knew his stuff and spoke from a lot of experience, which I can really appreciate after having been burned in other subjects at Junior Colleges, etc.


      My main thoughts are that it couldn't hurt to learn from another instructor (possibly get another perspective to build-on, etc.). Also, the Soliant courses are a month sooner which is nice.


      Any thoughts?





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          FileMaker has a pretty rigorous criteria for FileMaker trainiers and they list the approved trainers on their web page at http://www.filemaker.com/support/training/authorized_trainers.html


          Soliant is one of those trainers.  I've only had training from MightyData and they did an excellent job.  One of the MightyData trainers who trained myself and some other staff was Martha Zink and she did an excellent job.  However, she now works for Soliant.  So indirectly I will assume all her training skills are intact in her move over to Soliant <grin>.  I personally would recommend either MightyData or Soliant to anyone needing training. 


          Generally I find training to be what I consider expensive, so I usually try to brush up ahead of time to make sure I'm learning the most I can during class time.