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    User prompt, despite external authentication


      I have a file hosted on FM Server 11, with an account group set to validate via "External Server". The group is set up on the (Windows) server. But when a user from that group tries to access the file, s/he is still prompted for username and password. For the file, I have one admin account (authenticated by FM), and a group of 3 users within the "cptracker_users" group (authenticated by external server).


      I've checked:


      • The authentication order of accounts,
      • That Network Sharing in on,
      • That "login using..." is not enabled.


      The server set up to show only files to which the user has access, and, as the file is listed for the members of "cptracker_users", I'm reassured that the group is set up correctly, but I'm stumped as to why the external authentication is not happening. I have a couple of other files set up in (I think) exactly the same way, on the same server, and all works fine with them, so I'm assuming there's a setting somewhere that I've overlooked.


      Any suggestions much appreciated.



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          If you can confirm that it works for other files on the same server then you can rule out anyting on the server itself.  The one server setting that you did not mention is where you set up FMS to allow "FileMaker and external accounts".  But again: if it works for other files then you are ok there.


          Do the other files use the same group?  If not then triple-check the user's membership in that group.


          That leaves something in the file.  Perhaps a typo in the group name?


          Are the user's machines part of an AD/OD domain?

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            Thanks for the help.  I checked everything you suggested, and could find nothing wrong.  I then realised that the only difference between this "problem file" and others was that the good ones are all in sub-folders within the Filemaker Server/Data/Databases folder.  So I removed the file, and re-uploaded it to a sub-folder, opened it, and suddenly all is well.


            I don't see why moving it to a sub-folder should make any difference, so I can only assume that there was a problem with the syncing of the Active Directory between servers, and that the issue rectified itself over time - I literally changed nothing else.   


            Anyway, after 2 hours of faffing about and scratching my head, all is fine.  But I wish I understood why!  Thanks again for your input.