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User prompt, despite external authentication

Question asked by davehob on Oct 2, 2013
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I have a file hosted on FM Server 11, with an account group set to validate via "External Server". The group is set up on the (Windows) server. But when a user from that group tries to access the file, s/he is still prompted for username and password. For the file, I have one admin account (authenticated by FM), and a group of 3 users within the "cptracker_users" group (authenticated by external server).


I've checked:


  • The authentication order of accounts,
  • That Network Sharing in on,
  • That "login using..." is not enabled.


The server set up to show only files to which the user has access, and, as the file is listed for the members of "cptracker_users", I'm reassured that the group is set up correctly, but I'm stumped as to why the external authentication is not happening. I have a couple of other files set up in (I think) exactly the same way, on the same server, and all works fine with them, so I'm assuming there's a setting somewhere that I've overlooked.


Any suggestions much appreciated.