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field 2 narrowed down selection from field 1 in FIND??

Question asked by on Oct 2, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 7, 2013 by CarlSchwarz

Is it possible to narrow down in FIND mode a selection via dropdown list ?


field 1 = "manufacturer" (there are e.g. 100 car manufacturers defined in a table "Cars")

field 2 = "model" (there are e.g. 10.000 car models across all car manufacturers in table "Cars")


examples :

manufacturer = VW, Audi, BMW, Mercedes, ... etc...

model = polo, golf, A8, A6, 320d, M3, 520i, X5, E220, SLR, ... etc...



In FIND mode of a related table "pumps", I want to find all the possible pumps for specific cars & models.

The relationship is "pumps_CARS"


Using a Drop-box, the user will be able to select the car manufacturer from the field



having made the selection of e.g. "BMW" in that field, he now should be able to turn to the second field "pumps_CARS::model"

and select the model. I don't want him to see all the models available, but only the models from "BMW" as chosen first.


So important that the user should see in the second field (model) the narrowed down possibilities of Model, WITHOUT HAVING PERFORMED THE FIND REQUEST.


It seems such a simple thnig to do, but I can't find my way...

Can anybody help?


See explained in graphic