FMP 12 .jpg file images not displaying after FMP to FMP Imports

Discussion created by BenGraham on Oct 2, 2013

I have found that after I have a script run that imports data from one filemaker pro 12 file to another .fmp12 file there are images that will show the circular sync arrow. This is in portals or on the records themselves.


Some images do show, however after navigating to a record with a visible image the next record that has a non-displaying image will show the same image as the last visible image. This will continue moving through the records until a new visible image is displayed, then the same happens.


The fix:


I found was that if I export the image that is not showing it will always be callled untitled.jpg and be empty.


I checked the originating file, if I export the image it will also be called untitled.jpg and it will have the image and be openable in Preview.


If the images from the originating fie are exported, given a name other thatn unntitled.jpg and inserted back into the container field they will display properly in the new file. They also seem to display if this is done in the originating file, then when the import happens the images that were named will display.


So, it seems that images in FMP12 must have names to withstand an import. They display fine until they are imported by another file.


Any one else experience this phenomena? Have any insight into it or is this perhaps my system or file corruption?