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    XML error



      Got a FM12 databse that export a field to an XML file. It works fine with all the FM clients but with only one it hungs an reports me a SAXPARSEEXCEPTION and stops the script.

      Any idea?

      Any help will be appreciated!



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          I've seen this too when writing XML files. The XML process is incredibly picky. In every case it has been a programming/data issue - usually an extra space or carriage return.


          Do a google search on the error, and it will tell you how to track down the actual error file in your directory. It contains more info on the error, including what line it occurred on.


          Try to get an apples to apples export from two machines, one that works and one that doesn't. Then run them through a text tool that compares the two documents; you'll likely find the culprit. I've used TextWrangler on the Mac to do this, but I also wrote a looping FMP script that compares two text fields line by line which proved handy for quick debugging.


          I looked in vain for a good cheap XML editor that would "find" errors for me. I think there are some out there, but they were very expensive and way too complex for my level. But I did find Xmplify useful. It's a Mac app that I think costs about $50 after a 30 day trial. It doesn't find errors, buy does put the XML code into logical groupings which can be helpful.


          Bob Gossom

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            Thanks for your answer Bob.

            I´ll try to compare the two files.

            The weird thing is why the same script works in all machines except one. All the machines have the same configuration.

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              ... Or so it appears. Users have been known to download something or think they can change a preference setting or two.


              It may be radical, but a wipe and re-install of the application (FileMaker) may help. This resets the necessary app helpers (ini, dlls, prefs, plists - depending on platform, of course). Also look at the permissions on the directory(-ies) that receive the file. Sometimes that's the problem.


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              Beverly Voth


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                Thanks Beverly,

                I´ll try to do that.