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    A good barcode printer that works well with Filemaker?


      Hi Everyone!


      I'm working on a solution that prints barcode labels from Filemaker using the barcode font. I'll like to purchase a reliable barcode label printer to use as a dedicated printer for this function. There are many printers out there, and I'm wondering whether anyone can recommend a product that is known to work well with Filemaker, whether laser or thermal or other, though I'm told that laser-printed labels tend to last longer. The users will sometimes print out a single barcode, and sometimes print hundreds at one time. For this reason, a printer with that accommodates a roll of labels will be preferable.


      Thank you!!



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          Hi J,


          We've used a Dymo LabelWriter 400 and find it works well at printing barcodes from FileMaker. Getting the layout setup took some effort but went well once we downloaded the Dymo drivers and stepped away from Dymo's application. Their driver has a High Density option which we always use.


          Choosing a good barcode font is important as some produce too many fine lines which tend to fade with time and become unreadable. In any case I'd only recommend a thermal printer for barcode labels that you need to read within a two to three year period. If you need to have a barcode that lasts longer than that then you should probably be considering a laser printer.


          I hope this helps,



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            Thank you, John!


            Very helpful, especially the duration aspect.  These barcodes definitely need to last, and so it's probably a laser printer than I'd be after... on this note, I've updated the thread accordingly...