Calc field updates but find doesn't work - index issue?

Discussion created by pminich on Oct 3, 2013
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I have an issue where calculations are updating but when I perform a find on the table I get the records that relate to the previous calculation.


I have 2 tables - Clients and Catering Invoices. I want to do dynamic year over year sales reporting for each client.


The client table has global fields for the current year dates and calculated gobal fields for the prior year dates as well as the account code for each client.

The invoice table has the account code and date on each record. It also had calculated sum fields for each date range (this year and last year) based on 2 TOCs for the invoice table based on client code and date range.


When I change the date range the date range the summary fields update appropriately. When I do a find for only fields with contents it gives me the correct records the first time. If I change the dates and perform a new find I still get the same set of original records regardless of whether the sum field has anything in it or not.


I am assuming that this is some kind of indexing issue. I have confirmed that the reindex as neccessary is turned on.


Any other thoughts on what may cause this or another way to skin this cat?