how to know if records in a found set have any open/uncommited records (server/client)

Discussion created by rothdavid on Oct 3, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 4, 2013 by Arild

I'm updating a script that updates values on a main record that has child records. Account Profile with add'l contacts associated to it.


User A makes a change to the Profile and the script thru GTRR gets related contacts and does a replace field contents calc.


Is there a way I can test if any of the child records are actively open by another user who may be connected and have one or more of these related child records open and editing it?


Looking at Get(RecordOpenState) only evaluates the current record in the set.

Testing this function Get(RecordOpenCount) doesn't seem to capture a record in an active modified state when I test it having it open in another window, with unsaved text entered into a field, cursor still in the field.


Any advice on a way to test for this would be greatly appreciated.