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how to set default Layout for IWP

Question asked by Ragupathi on Oct 3, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 15, 2013 by Ragupathi

Hi every one,


I just Created the Database which contain two types of layout. 1st is Instant web Publish (Classic Theme) and 2nd is Filemaker pro Access ( Cool Grey) how can i make default to iwp layout

and i just tryied

If [Pattencount (Master:Application;"Pro")]

Go to Layout (Master )

Else If [PattenCount (Master:Application;"FileMaker Web Publishing")]

Go to Layout (Master IWP)

End If


This Script i made update in OnFirstWindowOpen,


But In filemaker pro 12.4 i can open the corrcet layout but in IWP i am getting error msg


The layout is not supported for Instant Web Publishing because it does not use the Classic theme. See the database administrator


kindly any one help me how to set the default layout for IWP