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    Collecting GPS Coords from a Navionics map




      I'm very new to this but have been developing an app for about a year. This app collects data for our volunteer rescue group. We collect a variety of data for the local authorities including teh GPS coordinates of the rescue incident. I would like to be able to grap GPS coords from a Navionics map (or similar) and insert that into my GPS fields. Sometimes the skippers forget to push the GPS button on my app and need to find the location on a map later. It would be great to be able to drop a pin on the map and grab the coordinates into the database. Any ideas?

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          I'm not familar with Navionics and most of my mapping experience is with Google Maps.  I see Navionics is a system that tracks your movement and can map it to an application or a web page.  I searched their FAQ and they don't say anywhere that you can download the Lat/Longs.  It does mention that you can share your routes between devices and Facebook, so obviously information can be transferred. But it does not seem to be an end user feature for downloading them. 


          You might try web scraping.  Open a Navionics web page that has a tracking route or location on it.  If you're viewing the map in a web viewer inside a FileMaker Layout, then have a script step create a variable with the step "GetLayoutObjectAttribute ( "[Insert Web Viewer Object Name" ; "Content" )"  and the variable will have all the HTML of that web page.  Then you can use character manipulation to find where the Lat/Longs are in the web page and scrape them into fields. 


          I don't know how Navionics web pages work, but Google Maps HTML always has a Center point for where the map is centered.  So I set up that if a user wants to enter a GPS point with the map, they just navigate (zooming, scrolling) until the location they want is in the middle of the map and I web scrape the mapcenter location.  Maybe Navionics does something similar and you can get that information from their web page. 


          Obviously the data is there.  You might call the company and see if this information is being stored say in a text file on your device that would be easy to pull info out of. 


          Best of luck!

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            Thank you Taylor. I've emailed Navionics and will wait for a response from them. It's unfortunate that Google maps doesn't have the marine detail we need.

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              Here is a link to a lot of GPS software. (30+)


              Some of them are for geocashing ...

              I can't say that you will find your answer there but it is a rich hunting grounds.


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                Hey, thanks Chuck.  I'll do some link trawling.