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FileMaker Conference in Chicago October 21-22, 2013

Discussion created by Molly Connolly on Oct 6, 2013

Hey Friends--


Just wanted to give another plug for the FileMaker Conference I'm hosting in Chicago October 21-22. The focus of the conference is on business topics geared for independent developers and small buisness owners. The technical topics are geared specifically to those developing commerical software using FileMaker as a platform (aka "verticals"). It's a small group--under 100 people. We've got great presenters and an interactive format that will allow you to benefit from not only the speakers but all the attendees.


Representatives from FMI will be there as well as vendors with specialized FileMaker tools. If you have any questions please contact me directly at


Otherwise, check out the website and join us!


I've also posted videos and testimonials from last year's conference on our Facebook group


FileMaker Product Developer Conference (FPD)



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