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FM 12 Converter from FP7

Question asked by mansurmahmud on Oct 7, 2013
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I have downloaded the FM Converter from FP7 to FP12. I followed the PDF guide that came with it but could not convert to FP12


1. I have Windows Home Premium edition.

2. Extracted the ZIP file and renamed it Standalone_Converter

3. Opened Windows Powershell from Accessories and Run as Administrator

4. Typed cd ~Documents [that is where the Standalone-Converter is]Standalone-Converter and pressed Enter

5. Typed . mdbconverter.ps1 and added a space. Added the options with spaces


Followed the rest of the instructions by the book and could not succeed. It is important that I Convert my FP7 Solution to 12


PDF Instructions are attached for your reference


Help will be highly appreciated


Kind Regards