Anyone have a way to right align a column in an ExecuteSQL function result?

Discussion created by disabled_jmkimmel on Oct 7, 2013
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I have a client that has a table of information showing in a caculation field on the "home page" of the solution that shows some summarized info for that user.


Problem is that one of the columns is decimal values and they want to see them with the decimal points aligned (right aligned).


I see a plethora of possible solutions to this in the SQL world at large such as LPAD and some others but none that is working in executesql so far.


I was going to just use the old standby filemaker calc trick of concatenating a fixed length string of spaces with the numeric value actually coming out of the query and then ripping off the right so many values but without converting the number to a string SQL won't let me do that and I can't get any normal method such as format or cast or convert to work.


The added wrinkle here is that the numeric value is actually an aggregate sum function value. Essentially the query returns totals by month.


I checked all my usual fantastic sources like FileMakerHacks but no one touched on this situation.


Anyone have a solution?


Thanks in advance.