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    Syncing with Apple's Address Book?


      I am replacing Bento and need to know how to sync my new FileMaker database with Apple's Address Book - I only want to enter addresses once. Is there a way to do this?

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          Productive Computing has a plugin called "Address Book Manipulator".  However, I noticed in the latest release of the Monkey Bread Software plugin, that it now supports communication with the Mac Address Book.  I haven't tried it out yet, but I really like the MBS plugin because it does so many different things.  It is my favorite plugin right now. 

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            Hi,  Thanks.  I checked out both and they both seem great.  Monkey Bread Software has a lot more to offer for only about 50% more in price (99 Euros versus $75.00).  Since I am only looking for the sync with Apple's AddressBook, so may go with Address Book Manipulator (I'm not a heavy developer - only a small business who needs a reliable contact management system for myself now that Bento is gone).  If I were doing other work, I'd go with Monkey Bread Software - I can see why you like it.