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    Calculation script returns intermittent result in separation model


      We have a voluteer database programmed based on the separation model. At the moment, we have an intermittent problem with the registration module. The module has at minimum 3 steps: collect personal information, collect criminal records and collect interested activities to volunteer for. As soon as the registration starts, the "New Record/Request" executes and create the record. As the volunteer moves along the registration process, these additional info is added into the profile. When the volunteer finishes the registration process, a script called "Finish New Account" starts and assign a username and password for that volunteer. Unfortunately, NOT all volunteers are assigned with usernames (username is a calculation of firstname.MI.lastname + # of the duplicated username).


      We know that the script runs for all volunteers because it loops the volunteers through school specific selection. The username calc is intermittent and difficult to troublshoot. Any idea where can we start to troubleshooting this issue?


      We're researching different causes and work around methods such as record locking and utility table. Anyone has experience with these options? Will they be helpful for our issue?


      Thank you very much for any advice,

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          Let me start with my assumptions based on what you say. I assume:


          1.   You have separate tables for personal information, criminal records, and volunteer activities

          2.   You currently create an new record in one of these tables (probably the personal info one) and then rely on your relationship structure to navigate to and populate the other tables as required.


          My suggestion is that you create a new table in one of your files (or yet another separate file if you prefer) purely for the purpose of registration. Include in this table all the fields you want populated during the registration process, and use it for registration of new volunteers only.


          When a new volunteer is registering, begin by creating a new temporary record in this table (place a START button on the layout with a one step script to achieve this), then have your volunteer enter all their details in the fields in this table, then click on a FINISH REGISTRATION button, which will take over and script the rest of the process. The script will gather up all the data the volunteer has entered in a set of variables, then create whatever new records are required in your live data files, insert the details from the variables, create whatever accounts are required in each of the files, and finally delete the temporary record in the registration table.