Best way to update tables not in current layout?

Discussion created by user28097 on Oct 8, 2013
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(This is a purchase order application, but the same process would apply to a sales order, invoice, etc.)


When receiving a purchase order, I need to update on-hand quantities in an items table and add records in a transaction log table. Neither of these tables is part of the PO layout.


Currently what I am doing:

- loop through the purchase order detail lines in the portal

- set some variables with item number, quantity received, cost, etc.

- open a new window

- switch to a layout containing the table to update

- search for the correct record (items table) or add new record (transaction log table)

- update the appropriate fields

- close the window


This seems to work, but has lots of flashing on the screen as windows are created and closed. I think I have to open a new window, because if I switch to another layout in the current window, I lose my place in the portal I'm looping through. Is there a better way?