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Does FmGo support use of sub-folders in its Documents directory?

Question asked by dataclarity on Oct 9, 2013
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Hi there, in order to reduce the risk of iPad users swiping to delete files and also to prevent direct access to some files I have an iPad solution which uses a file called Tap_Here.fmp12 (easily replaced) to launch a more important set of database files which sit inside a folder called DO NOT TOUCH which also sits inside FMGo's Documents folder. (I originally had all the more important fmp files as invisible files but due to one rather obscure issue and in the interests of simplicity I opted to do the above instead).


This has all been working fine for a few months on about 30 iPads:

I've been using iExplorer to copy files to Filemaker Go's Documents folder - with FMGo 12.07 and iOS 6.1.2 on the iPad I've been able to copy the sub-folder of files (called DO NOT TOUCH) to FMGo's Documents folder with the Tap_Here.fmp12 file alongside it. FMGo just lists the folder name and the Tap_Here file. And no-one's touched the DO NOT TOUCH folder yet!


But I've just tried to setup 3 additional iPads with version 12.08 of FMGo and iOS 6.1.3 (same version of iExplorer) - if I do the same thing then FMGo doesn't display the DO NOT TOUCH folder, instead it just displays the files it contains. iExplorer certainly thinks the folder is there, and the Tap_Here file launches the files in the subfolder via a filepath including the subfolder so it seems like it knows the folder is there. But doesn't show it.


Incidentally (or perhaps significantly), iTunes doesn't let you move folders to FMGo's Documents folder, so I'm wondering if this is officially supported at all??


Any insight would be hugely appreciated - family and work commitments mean I can't be on the forum all the time so if I don't reply for a few hours please don't think I'm being rude!