Server-side script slower than local script?

Discussion created by seamus.phillips on Oct 8, 2013
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I am new to FileMaker Server 12 and so have just started creating scheduled server-side scripts. I have managed to get the scripts working fine, but they run considerably slower than if I run them on a local copy of the database with standard Filemaker. I was expecting them to be the same speed or faster.


So just to explain the scripts; the server downloads some CSV files (all works as expected and fast) and then imports files into various database tables updating matching data and adding new records. I have stripped the scripts down to just do the import.


I have found that the simpler and smaller data imports quickly as expected (a few seconds), whereas the complex files take 10 to 20 mins compared to under 5 mins on the local 'test' database.


These larger data files have about 10,000 records with about 15 fields. The cvs file is up to 1MB.


There are more fields in the target filemaker database table (30+) including several calculation and summary feilds. I suspect this could be the cause?


My main questions are:


Should the server be faster or is it expected to be slower for this type of script?

What is the likely cause of the slowness?


Any help would be greatly appriciated.