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    Plugin not Installed


      I have installed a plugin (RemoteScripter plugin) on the Extentions folder of Mac FM Server 12 .Then , i restarted the FM Server .But , in the Admin Console part , the Plugin is not showing.


      Please help




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          I know the FMS will disable plugins that it has problems loading. 


          What version of Mac OS X Server?  What version of FMS?  What version of RemoteScripter?  And I assume you have an enterprise license to use RemoteScripter on the server.  Can you do a screen shot of your plugins window on the admin console?  Does the FileMaker log file show anything when you start up?

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            Remote Scripter version:1_801 (Demo)

            But i have got a license key from my client.


            Server Platform -  Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard (64 bit OS)

            Version-FileMaker Server


            Admin Console doesnot show the installed plugins.


            Do i need the exact Enterprise plugin directly ?