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Discussion created by RossHurley on Oct 9, 2013
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Hi all,


I'm developing my first iPhone system in FM Go 12 and can't get a script to import data back into the host file to work. A copy of the office system is copied to the iPhone in the morning for use out in a farmer's paddock, then the new and revised data is to imported back into the offfice system at the end of the day. I'm following the FileMaker Development Guide to script the updating of the host file and have created the Example 2 script under the Importing to and From a Transferred File heading. The script is built in the host data file and essentially consists of just setting a $Path variable of GetDocumentsPath & "filename" of the file on the iPhone followed by an update/import step using $Path to the source file then an import setup matching on IDs and adding new records. To do the initial testing I'm manually opening the host file from the iPhone and running the import script in that file. Strategic pauses in the script show that it is working up to the import step, but then I'm getting an Error 3 - Command not available and nothing gets imported.


I've checked the $Path variable and it consists of "/var/mobile/Applications/[string of numbers & letters]/[filename]" which I assume is the path on the iPhone to the source file. I've done an internet search and someone said that this example in the Development guide does work but that you have to follow the steps exactly. I've checked and I'm sure I've done that.


Can anyone tell me why it's not working?




Ross Hurley