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Newbie in scripting needs help! How to generate multiple records in Layout B with input from Layout A

Question asked by wantel on Oct 10, 2013
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Hi everyone,


I am Maurice and a newbie at scripting. I am trying to create a fiber management database for my own company ( selfemployed ) and I am stuck with a problem.

I want to create a script that wil generate multiple new records in table (B) which gets its input from table (A).


Table A ( switches ) contains fields;

_ID_Switch ; ( auto - enter serial ) Works perfectly


Switchname ( text) has to be entered by user

Number of Ports ( number ) has to be entered by user


Layout A has a button which generates multiple records in Table B


Table B ( switchports) contains fields;

_ID_Switchport ( auto - enter serial ) Works perfectly

_fID_Switch ( relation to table A )



The script that I want to create is that ; when the button is pushed in Layout A ,it generates in layout B all switchports.



In layout A the input is ;

_ID_Switch=Pluto01 ( selfgenerated)

Switchname = Pluto

Number of Ports = 48


When the button is pushed , it has to generate in Layout B;



self generatedPluto0101
self generatedPluto0102
self generatedPluto0103
self generatedPluto01untill
self generatedPluto0147
self generatedPluto0148


I've read some threads which has also the same subject but are not very clear to me.

If anyone can help out , I'll be gratefull.