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Outlook Integration Tips, Ideas sought

Question asked by ErikWegweiser on Oct 11, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2013 by Lemmtech

Greetings, all:


We are looking at a MS Outlook integration project. Naturally, we're studying Productive Computing's Outlook / Exchange Manipulator Plug-ins.


Here is our anticipated model:


- A central FileMaker database of record for all contacts

- For now at least, a one-way push of contacts from FileMaker to Outlook. No syncing (yet).

- Administered in FileMaker from one or two workstations (Not all Outlook users

will have FileMaker and they will not be updating Outlook contacts from FileMaker)

- Some FileMaker contacts are shared with all Outlook users

- Some FileMaker contacts are pushed only to individual users (or groups of users)

- We expect to program in FileMaker whatever system is required to maintain

a distribution list within a join file. This Join file will link the one, original unique FileMaker

contact ID with the unique Outlook ID of each copy of the contact pushed to individual Outlook

user contact lists.

- We anticipate this join file structure solves a number of possible issues (such as duplicate contacts), and may provide the foundation for possible syncing features later on.

- We are not concerned with email or any other modules


We're hoping to get some insight into whether this all can and should be done; whether it requires Outlook Manipulator or Exchange Manipulator; whether our approach is reasonable and sound; and some ideas, questions, tips, etc., from anyone who has worked with these products. Options we haven't considered?


Much thanks.