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lookups on repeating fields

Question asked by memanic on Oct 11, 2013
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Help! I am a newbie to FM although I usedit many years ago. I have a problem I need help with:


I work with a non-profit food pantry. I am trying to design in FM 10 Pro a data entry form for donations that will lookup the value of each item, copy it into the value field and then calculate the total value. For instance, I receive 3 cans of peas. I want to be able to type in "peas, canned" in the item description and "3" in the # field. I want it to lookup the value, multiply x # and put the result in an "EXT" I have already created a separate table with "food name" and "food value." I can get it to work for a single entry, but I want a total list of everything from that person so that I can total it. I have tried repeating fields, no luck; also tried portals It seems so straightforward, but I can't figure it out. Also, we accept clothing which entails the same problem. Please help someone!!!