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    First Impressions File converted from FM11ADV to FM12ADV


      I have recently converted my eWorks initiative from FM11ADV to FM12ADV, although I am quite happy with it, yet I have the following first impressions;



      I have hundreds of layouts and in every layout there are images (jpg, png). In FM11 it used to appear quite sharp, without jagged edges and visually clear.


      Somehow in FM12, some of the images are not as clear as it was visible in FM11.


      Don’t you think we should have some sort of Image editor or at least a guide indicating what is the best resolution or process to accommodate an image in a defined space.



      It might be my own observation and I may be wrong, the access speed is slower in FM12 as compared to FM11. Button action, layout change Etc


      I am still new and working on FM12 anything further I will share with you


      Mansur MAHMUD

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          Stephen Huston

          Regarding image quality:


          FMP12 has new thumbnail finctionality which changes the way in which images are rendered. There was a TON of stuff on this when 12 was new, and one of the  options if you have issues with the thumbnails is to turn OFF the thumbnail settings at:

          • File > Manage > Containers: Thumbnails tab

          This should cause FMP12 to render images more closely to what you had in FMP11, though there may still be some differences -- the engine driving the rendering is different.