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Gradesheet project, how can I set relationships properly? - Please, help!

Question asked by simonkunak on Oct 13, 2013
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Hello to everybody!


I’m struggling to create a database in which I can keep a record of my students grades. It seems a pretty simple project but the way I need it to work makes it a bit tricky.


I attach here my database to give a clearer idea abut my problem.


I’ve created a database with four tables: Tests, Students, Groups and Grades. My main goal is to be able to navigate through each Test record and use a portal to show the assigned students to each of those tests along with the grade fields so I can fill the grade fields in and create the related record as I type. In other words, this would look like a classic grade sheet (one for each test)!


Of course, this would be only part of a more complete database but this is the part that is giving me a big headache so I’d be really grateful if any of the experts around could give me a hand!



The ideal workflow for this potential database is as it follows.


To start, a user would have all the students details already filled in the Students table (with the fields Student_Id, Student_name and Group)


Then, the user would create the test records (that is, in the layout named Tests) and would initially assign each test to one group of students (A, B or C).


Ideally, each test should be assigned to a group of students but we must leave the door open to:


A) Some students on the assigned group not to appear in the grade sheet for a particular test (or, in other words, be able to ‘take out’ some students that will not need to go through a particular test)




B) Some students from one group to be included in the grade sheet for a test which is originally set for other group.


Then, the user should go to the layout named Gradesheet to navigate through each tests and be able to start filling each test with each assigned student grades.


So far, I’ve reach a version in which I manage to accomplish all my goals BUT ONLY for the first test assigned to each student. It works fine until we need to go for a second test assigned to one group or to one student. Then FIlemaker shows only the first grades for the student.


I believe that the solution is linked to the relationships and, of course, I assume that I’m stuck in something really stupid here!


Besides, I suspect that the tables and relations structure that I’m using has the chances to provoke later problems (orphan records if any change after grading by mistake, the repeated field as a way to get a selection of students, etc.) So, I’m widely open and really grateful to any suggestions or advise regarding a full new structure for this project.


Many thanks in advance!