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Why does a page break always occur after my leading sub-summary part?

Question asked by jmci on Oct 13, 2013
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I have a billing system with a printable invoice layout. The layout is based upon the InvoiceItem table. The table occurrence group also contains related table occurrences from the Invoice and Project tables. The data are sorted by:


Project::Name (ascending)

InvoiceItem::Type (ascending)

InvoiceItem::Date (descending)


The parts in this layout are as follows:


  • Title Header
  • Header
  • Leading sub-summary when data is sorted by Project::Name
  • Body part based upon the InvoiceItem table
  • Trailing sub-summary when the data are sorted by InvoiceItem::Type
  • Trailing sub-summary when the data are sorted by Project::Name
  • Trailing Grand Summary
  • Footer


There is nothing logically wrong with the layout. By that I mean that the data are grouiped correctly and the summary fields display the correct results. The problem is that there is always a page break immediately after the leading sub-summary part. For example, the title header part shows the data you would expect including the column headers. Right below that is the leading sub-summary part displaying a text object merge field showing the contents of the field Project::Name then below that 80% of the first page is white space. On page two the page header displays the column headers again followed by the body part records from the first Project.


Can anybody suggest why I'm getting this page break after each leading sub-summary part?