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    PHP/FMS performance benchmarks or experiences with high-volume traffic


      All --


      I'm getting some push back from other folks working on a project that has several distinct development efforts. I'm setting up a customer registration database and web site using FMS and PHP. I'm confident that FileMaker will be able to handle tables with high record counts and all the necessary relationships.


      One issue being raised is whether the web interface would be able to handle something like 1,000+ signups per day.


      Does anyone have experience or benchmarking that they'd be willing to share regarding higher-volume sites? What hardware (Mac, please) would you recommend?



      A related question is how to mirror the site for both load-balancing and fail-over purposes should there really be a lot of traffic. I can see something like MirrorSync on the back end for maintaining two FMS machines and their data, but don't know enough about how to set up load balancing. Can anyone share their experiences here?



      Both questions are actually best case scenarios; we hope to have that much traffic and the need for load balancing.


      Thanks In Advance,

      Drew Tenenholz