Related tables not relating by subject ID

Discussion created by ngarnier on Oct 14, 2013
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Hi. I am not a programmer or developer. I am creating a database of patient data and I need all my layouts to relate based on the SUBJECT NUMBER entered onto one of the layouts.




  • when I enter a new record on the main layout, that information is not related to the same patient on the next layout, but it needs to be
  • when i try to create a portal to display the subject number it doesn't work because i don't know what i'm doing
  • I need every layout related per the subject number and the subject number from the main page to display on each layout.
    • ie if you enter the subject number and the date on the Main layout, then click the button and go to the demgraphics layout, you should be able to enter the height weight etc info for the same subject number you just entered on the main layout




I've painstakingly created all the fields for 32 layouts and scoured the internet to make all kinds of dynamic things work, and now i am stuck with a database that does not perform it's main function of housing patient data.


I do not understand the jargon so please spell it out for me like a 4 year old (I am NOT kidding, I am seriously lost with this stuff)


I have attached the database file. On the main screen layout you can enter the subject number and there are 4 dummy records in there. the same 4 dummy records show up on the Subject list screen layout. I have no idea what i copied to make this work. I can't seem to get a new record to be generated and associated with each new subject number.


If anyone can figure this out you will be saving my life. PLEASE HELP! Thank you.


Also - on the main screen, I can't figure out how to make tabs disabled per the cohort chosen from a drop down menu - BONUS points to anyone who can figure that out.


- ng