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set "username" & "pssw" for IWP without opening Security Management?

Question asked by on Oct 14, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 14, 2013 by IT_User

In a customer file, I assigned a field "username" and "password" to each customer.

I give each customer a username and password in order for him to be able to connect via IWP to my database.

I register that in the fileds "customer::user" and "customer::pssw".


I find it inconvenient to have to go through File > Database > Security in order to set the pass and username for new customers.

I would like to automate this process, that the Security Management finds the pssw and user in the fields "customer::user" and "customer::pssw".

Can't this be hardcoded into the security management ?


I want a power user to simply be able to do that in the customer UI, without having to access the Security Management,


Customer access only needed for IWP privileges...


thanks !