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Go To Portal row error in FM Go

Question asked by raycon on Oct 14, 2013
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I have struck a "required table is not available" error when I run the below script in FM Go, but it runs perfectly on FMProAdv. There are not supposed to be behavioural differences between Pro and Go in the "Go To Portal Row" script step, but that's where is appears to be happening. It's annoying that I can't see whats happenning in the debugger, but I tracked it down by disabling steps one at a time. That messes up the script but it proved it was the GoToPortalRow step.


Can anyone tell me what's happening? It works perfectly until I open it on the iPad! Darn!



Main Scripts: iOS: Wamsars: WamsarCompletionChecks

Go to Object [ Object Name: "Resource" ]

Go to Portal Row [ First ]

[ IsEmpty(RescueAssets_iPadEntry::RescueStart) or IsEmpty(RescueAssets_iPadEntry::RescueEnd) or RescueAssets_iPadEntry::RescueDuration 0 ]

Show Custom Dialog [ Title: "Warning"; Message: "One of the start or the end times is empty or wrong.¶ Please set correct times."; Default Button: “OK”, Commit: “Yes”; Button 2: “No”, Commit: “No” ]

If [ Get( LastMessageChoice)=1 ]
Go to Field [ RescueAssets_iPadEntry::RescueStart ]

Halt Script

Go to Portal Row
[ Last ]

End If

End If

Exit Loop If [ Get(ActivePortalRowNumber) > (Count(RescueAssets_iPadEntry::__pkID_RescueAssets_iPadAuto)) ]

Go to Portal Row [ Next ]

End Loop