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    OSX Bundle Contents?


      Is it possible to turn a filemaker runtime application into a single looking ".app" like iPhoto is?

      For example, when you right click on iPhoto and "show contents" it's actually a folder but it looks like an application. I think I've heard someone refer to that as a .app folder but I'm not sure if that's the right terminology.


      Could someone please tell me how to do this or lead me in the right direction? I would like to turn an application we created into a single looking application.


      I seem to remember downloading a Bible application that was created with Filemaker that looked like a single application so it must be possible.

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          I created an applescript that ran

          open ":my.app:folder:folder:application"

          Then I saved that applescript as an "Application"

          Then I right clicked on that application and clicked on show contents and put the runtime in there and told the applescript to open the runtime.


          All done!!  Now I have a single executable icon like iPhoto etc. are with all the files bundled inside.

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            Interesting, would be great to have this functionality built into fmpa

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              but you have the data of the user inside and here the problem starts ...


              exchanging the program via update will eliminate the users data


              deleting the program will delete the users data too


              the whole thing is not conform to Apple´s guidelines, nor to normal expectations - there has to be no user data in the program itself nor in the program folder

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                Good points, for my solution however this single app approach works.  I already have external data that it works through.


                I guess an alternative approach would still be to bundle the entire thing in the .app except for the filemaker data file. That app should go in the documents folder.