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Question asked by maurice2307 on Oct 17, 2013
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I would like to ask the community a question regarding checkboxes - more specifically if anyone can/may/is allowed to/likes to comment on how checboxes will be dealt with in FM's next incarnation.


As I understand it now a checkbox is boolean. It represent a value or not (not also being a value of course). The label of the checkbox can only be that of a value attributed to it from a value list.

So if I set the checkbox to 'on' (assigning the field behind it a simple value of e.g. 1), the label reads '1'.


In order to make the checkbox look nice and make sense on a layout, I would have to assign it the value of e.g. "out of stock", and test the content of that field in every calculation, instead of just testing for '0' or '1'.


I know I can reduce the checkbox in size so that only the actual box is visible and then put a textlabel in front or behind it. This has the disadvantage however that the user has to click the precise box instead of the label. I could make the label a button and then calculate the checkbox as '0' or '1' if clicked, but I think it's sooo very cumbersome for something that's a cinch in any other IDE.


Now, to get to the point... I am about to embark on a project which includes many, many checkboxes. We're not in a hurry and if I can wait it out until FM>12 has another solution for the checkboxes (and radio buttons too for that matter), I'd do so. On the other hand, if someone knows (already) that this issue will remain the same in FM>12, I'll bite the bullet and go ahead.


Thanks people.

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