FMS 12 crashes or stops every night.

Discussion created by KevinMortimer on Oct 16, 2013
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HI All


I have a client on mac with details below running FMS 12.0.4. Backups run ok every night but then when client gets in in the morning the FMS admin console gives the error saying the Filemaker server is no longer available and has to select the green icon at the top left to restart the database server. There appears to be nothing in the FMS logs either. Any ideas why the database server crashes or stops every night?


Model: Xserve3,1

Processor: 2 x2.26GHz Quad_Core Intel Xeon


OS: OS X Server 10.8.5

Hard drive: 3 x 1TB raid5.


  1. Backup Software


Carbon Copy Cloner 3.5.2

Backup ServerHD every 2 weeks at 1:30am

Backup DataHD every night at 9:00pm


We also running Attix5 Pro SE Version4.0 to backup databases to the cloud.