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FM Server 11 cascading disconnects

Question asked by on Oct 16, 2013
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My client is experiencing an issue running FM Server v11 on a Mac machine. We get users suddenly disconnected with Server Event Log showing "Not Responding" on all users. We can restart and get everyone on for a while, but every couple of hours for the last 3 days, they will get bumped off again. It seems that there is some network trigger that happens so that FM Server can no longer see any of the connected users and disconnects them. It's still up & running, and all the files are open, but no one can see them on the network. I've studied the logs for a pattern, and cant see that it's one user or after a backup, or any schedule. It seems random. One thing I do notice, is that all the local users have the same IP in the log when they connect. Does this mean they are connecting through a 'terminal' or something? I was expecting to see internal IP addresses. Can anyone shed some light or give me any suggestions on pinning down this problem? I've attached some screen shots of the log.


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